My Favorite Anna Videos to Date

I’ve been asked to cull our videos and photos of Anna to, well, something manageable by Uncle Max popular demand . We’ve taken more than 6,600 pictures on our camera since we got it about six months before Anna was born. Our galleries from 2010 and 2011 include about 3,400 photos. Although that does include some freelance and subjects other than Anna (gasp!), that’s still a crazy amount of photos. So here you are. Here are my thirteen favorite videos. The next post will have my favorite photos. If I missed your favorite, let me know in the comments.

Four weeks old: What was that?!

Seven weeks old, first evidence of limb control: Dancing with Mrs. Bear

Three months old: Giggling at Daddy

Five months old, one of the most commented upon videos of Anna-time: Anna in a Box

Seven and a half months old: Reads Dear Zoo with Daddy

Eight months old, the game that led to her first word, “ball”: Anna Playing Ball with Mommy

Nine months old, begins to clap: Claps for Aunt Megan’s Birthday

Ten and a half months old: Squeals for the Ducky Toy

Eleven and a half months old: Finding the Chipmunk in Charlie the Ranch Dog with Uncle Max

One year old: Showing off Some Words With Aunt Megan

Thirteen months old: Walking assisted

Thirteen and a half months: Anna Plays with Crayons–Includes a Surprise

Fourteen Months: Reads to Grandpa

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